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Stand out on Social—the Kohi way

Here's a familiar scenario: You’re a budding biz owner with a clear-cut vision for your business. Everything seems a-ok on paper until you realize that you can’t focus on client satisfaction, product development, sales, and marketing all at the same time—and juggle that with your personal life and all your other side hustles and passion projects.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone anymore. Kohi Social's got you covered on the social media marketing side of things.

Choose a package that fits your brand goals

Common Cup

An Instagram growth package with a focus on engagement and community-building. Best for businesses who already had a head start on their social media efforts and wish to complement their brand awareness campaigns with increased visibility, valuable community engagements, and lead nurturing strategies

What's included:
  • 1 hour of engagement per day

  • Manual commenting, liking, following, unfollowing, viewing stories (can be customized according to client's preference)

  • Targeting through analysis of competitors, similar accounts, hashtags and location

  • Monthly Progress Report

Mid Mug

All features in Common Cup + a done-for-you package for those who need social media strategy upfront. Best for small biz owners who already have existing content and need help with planning and social media management. We'll plan your content based on the resources that you share with us.

What's included:
  • All features in Common Cup package (Community Engagement)

  • Theme + Profile Makeover

  • Social Media Management and Strategy

  • Copywriting 

  • Hashtag Research

  • Content Planned Weekly/Monthly (Brand/ Business to Provide Content)

  • Story Highlight Covers

  • Monthly Progress Report

Big Brew

An all-in-one package appended with content atomization on social media (aka repurposing content where it's most relevant). Best for businesses who need help with content strategy, campaigns and want to leverage a holistic and multi-platform approach for their social media marketing efforts.

What's included:
  • All features in Mid Mug package

  • Content Creation

  • Custom Social Media Graphics, GIFs & Posters

  • Instagram Story Templates

  • Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Monthly Progress Report

Not sure which service is right for you? Don't see the service you are looking for?


Instagram Refresh Package

What's included:
  • Bio Update

  • Instagram Audit

  • 5 Instagram Highlight Covers

  • 5 Social Media Templates

  • Instagram Styling Guide (Color Palette & Font Selection)

This package is perfect for you if you're just needing a cost-effective makeover and don't need long-term help with your socials.

Why invest in social media now?

Not really sure how social media works? We totally understand! Let's take a step back and look into the power of social media marketing. Here's a quick snapshot of Instagram's influence in 2020 for you to have a clear idea of how it works and what's in it for you.

- 81% of users research products or services on Instagram.
- 83% of users learn about new products through Instagram.
- Instagram helps 80% of users whether to buy a product or service

You get the point: social media is crucial to your brand and the growth of your business. So before you stress over your next social media post, relax, pour a cup of coffee and reach out to us. This time, we got you!

The Kohi Making Process

Just like finding the right beans for your perfect cuppa, we'll pin down your specific needs early on. You have the option to either choose from the standard social media packages or have a custom-designed proposal that fits your needs.


Give the green light when you think our custom-made proposal is ready for rollout. With the right tools in our arsenal, we'll make sure that a refined version of your brand will take the social media world by storm.


Our ultimate goal is to find the perfect recipe for your social media success. After every campaign, we'll sit down, measure your campaign's insights, and identify the aspects we can improve and optimize for your next best campaign.

Let's hangout on Instagram

Get your daily dose of social media tips and industry insights.


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