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Getting to Know Kohi Social

Learn more about why our brand exists, what we can do for your business and just a few fun facts behind the screen.

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Kohi Social specializes in social media management, content creation and marketing strategies for lifestyle brands. We love helping small businesses curate their brand identity through quality content and implement proven strategies to make you shine in your industry.


With the perfect blend of creativity and the right strategy, we can help your business increase its brand awareness and convert your followers into customers on social media with ease. Diving deep into our clients’ brands and organically engage with the right audiences is what Kohi Social does, not to mention saving you time and energy so that you can work in your zone of genius!


Meet Andrea

Your caffeinated social media expert

Hi there! Glad that the Kohi aroma brought you here. I'm Andrea, your gal for all things social.

Kohi Social is a culmination of the things I love: coffee (any time of the day, that is), Japanese culture, and the nitty gritty of social media branding. Here, I share a safe and creative space where you can espress yo-self and share your brand story.

Aside from coffee puns, you can definitely rely on me when it comes to building your brand identity on social—from crafting original and custom-made strategies, creating engaging campaigns, and sharing valuable advice on how you can elevate your social media identity. Ready to take your social media presence to the next level?

My Story

It took me a brave heart and caffeine-powered mind to take the big leap just as you did. From being a 9 to 5 typical working girl in the big streets of Manila, I decided to quit my job and start my own business. Starting small, it was my passion to create something impactful that sustained my goal.

I had to be 100% committed, realign on my priorities, and be strategic on the resources and skillset I have. Although my experience is not picture-perfect, my first full year as a small business owner was successful and was even more profitable than I thought it would be. It felt amazing! After all, I did not only started an online business, but I was able to build a community of women who loves fashion and travel.

That's when it hit me. My success with community building in social media was the driving force of my growth. When I scaled my business to 6-figures and grew my brand's followers to 15k, I knew social media was my jam! While it was natural for me to invest in this side of the business, only then that I realized the impact it has made on my growth.

My passion for social media has taken me to a lot of spaces, physical and virtual. I understand the irreplaceable impact of investing in social media that's why I made it my personal and professional goal to work with business owners, help them understand how social media marketing works, and execute campaigns while they save time and focus on their zone of genius.

I know first hand what it’s like to be a business owner trying to do everything on your own. This is where Kohi Social can add value. This time, you don’t have to do it alone!

Small Talk? Fun Facts?

I LOVE working at coffee shops—you guessed it right! The aroma, the ambiance, the whole sensory experience. It's got the perfect vibe for an Andrea-approved workspace.

Why Kohi Social Stands Out


Social Media Certified

Social media expertise does not happen overnight. Mastery is Kohi Social's DNA, and we provide a service that's driven by hours of legitimate training, proven strategies, and a rich client portfolio.


Long-term relationships

We don't mind fulfilling your one-off social media projects, but our ultimate goal as your trusty partner is for us to build sustainable relationships and enrich your business in the most authentic way possible.


Experience-based insights

We understand how it's like to build a business from scratch. We know the struggle, so let us be your guide in winning small victories along the way.
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