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Whip-smart social media marketing strategies that will help your business grow

Boost your business growth with the perfect blend of creativity and strategy on social

Kohi Social know the ins and outs of social media, so let us be your reliable partner in building your online personality. We'll equip your brand with the right knowledge, attitude, and motivation to explore social media marketing and find smart ways for you to stand out from the crowd.

Client   Love

"I would recommend Andrea in a heartbeat! Her dedication and passion for what she does is remarkable and working with her has been such an amazing experience. She has increased traffic to all our social media platforms and really taken our marketing to the next level. She is quick and attentive to our specific needs. What I love most about working with her is that we can give her a small idea, and she can take that idea and transform it into a beautiful masterpiece and marketing tool that was better than we could have envisioned. Thank you Andrea for increasing our visibility, growing our accounts, and taking our marketing to a completely different level. We are forever grateful!"
- Brittany Dailey
Real Estate Professional

Hi, I'm Andrea

Your caffeinated social media expert

Hi there! Glad that the Kohi aroma brought you here.

I'm Andrea, your gal for all things social.

Kohi Social is a culmination of the things I love: coffee (any time of the day, that is), Japanese culture, and the nitty gritty of social media marketing. Here, I share a safe and creative space where you can espress yo-self and share your brand story.

Aside from coffee puns, you can definitely rely on me when it comes to building your brand identity on social—from crafting custom-made and proven strategies, creating engaging campaigns, and sharing valuable advice on how you can elevate your social media identity.


Ready to take your social media presence to the next level?


Showcase your business on social media, build niche communities, and offer valuable content that will increase your visibility and sales

Mastering social media needs a good balance of strategic thinking and creativity. If you've hit a stumbling block on this aspect of your growth, you need a partner who knows how social media works and how you can leverage it to ensure massive and tangible results.

Let's grow your brand & create beautifully curated content so you'll reap the rewards.

The Kohi Making Process

Just like finding the right beans for your perfect cuppa, we'll pin down your specific needs early on. You have the option to either choose from the standard social media packages or have a custom-designed proposal that fits your needs.


Give the green light when you think our custom-made proposal is ready for rollout. With the right tools in our arsenal, we'll make sure that a refined version of your brand will take the social media world by storm.


Our ultimate goal is to find the perfect recipe for your social media success. After every campaign, we'll sit down, measure your campaign's insights, and identify the aspects we can improve and optimize for your next best campaign.

Let's hangout on Instagram

Get your daily dose of social media tips and industry insights.


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